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Dance Etc. believes every aspiring artist deserves the opportunity to explore his or her full potential, and strives to make recreational and pre-professional dance training accessible to all students who have the desire to dance.

Through our experienced and dedicated faculty at Dance Etc. of Wichita Falls, our goal is to develop well-rounded dance artists through high-quality training in all facets of movement, creating lifelong ambassadors for the art of dance.

The classes at Dance Etc. of Wichita Falls are designed to increase confidence, build self-esteem and develop coordination in an interactive, group environment.

With instruction for all ages and levels of experience, Dance Etc. of Wichita Falls is committed to providing technical training in a culture that fosters personal growth as well as fundamental life skills, in which our students go on to find success in dance and life.

Children learning the art of dance during their Youth Dance Class at Dance, Etc.
Our Story

Everything Started in 1985

Dance Etc. was founded by Reggie Milam in 1985 in Ft. Worth, Texas. In 1995, Reggie moved back to her home town of Wichita Falls, Texas, where she opened Dance, Etc. Reggie went on to become the school’s much loved director, teacher, and mentor until her retirement in 2018. She helped set the standard of excellence in dance training that continues to this day. Through her legacy, many young dancers have gone on to professional careers throughout the world in the field they love.

Dancers training in their jazz technique class at Dance, Etc.

Stephanie Medenwaldt was one of Dance Etc.’s first students to enroll in the new Wichita Falls studio in 1995. She trained under the direction of Reggie until 2007 when Stephanie moved to Denton, Texas to become a student at the University of North Texas. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance in 2009 and moved back to Wichita Falls in 2010 to continue teaching at Dance Etc. of Wichita Falls. In 2013, Stephanie created Dance Etc.’s very first competitive dance team and became the director of our performing company. She was also appointed the lead teacher and director of the studio’s Modern dance program and in 2017 Stephanie was named Artistic Director at Dance Etc. of Wichita Falls.

In August 2018, Stephanie purchased Dance Etc. and became the new owner of the studio upon the retirement of Reggie Milam.

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